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The name “BonusFinder” says it all. We’re dedicated to helping players find the biggest bonuses offered by some of the best online casinos and slot sites in Ireland, ultimately giving you the chance to “Play With More”.

But our story runs much deeper than that. Keep reading to learn more about us and what we can do for you as you navigate through the growing number of online casinos in 2023.


Our Story

The vision behind BonusFinder was started by Riku Vihreasaari. Although BonusFinder was officially founded only in 2017, Riku developed a passion for the online casino industry long before that. Even before he could read, Riku's love for the industry was ignited, eventually leading to a 10-year run as a professional high-stakes poker player. This passion was passed down from his father, and over the years, he has been able to apply many of the lessons learned from online gambling to his everyday life.

BonusFinder is founded

Founded with a mission to help people “Play With More". Our first site was launched in Canada.

BonusFinder becomes international

Following a successful first year we expand to cover the best casino bonuses available for players in New Zealand with our second website. Plans are made to move into the US, European, and Japanese markets as well.

Entering the European market

Our London office opens in Spring 2019 and our UK site opened at the end of the year.

Further growth and expansion

This year saw BonusFinder go from strength to strength as we got nominated for five industry awards! The team grew to over 20 people.

BonusFinder Ireland launches

Our Netflix and Pizza dream job contest went viral around the world, but more importantly BonusFinder finally launches a separate site for players from Ireland. We also entered the Latin American market, and our team grew to over 35 people.

Joined the Gambling.com Group

Became part of the Gambling.com group and won our first award for ‘Marketing Campaign of the Year’. The team grew to 40+ people.

Our Mission

Our mission at BonusFinder is to help people “Play With More” by accessing the best, biggest bonuses in the industry. We make this happen every day in numerous ways.

First, we help players gain a better understanding of online casinos and how they operate. Then, we put plenty of time and research into finding the best bonuses available from the most reputable casino providers.

To make our mission a reality, the final step is to connect players with these bonuses by providing accurate information on each provider and how to maximise each bonus to its fullest potential.

Our Values

There are several core values that come along with our “Play With More” mentality.

  • Legitimacy and legality: We’re well aware that the internet is littered with unscrupulous gambling sites that aren’t safe environments to play online. We make sure that every casino, slots site, and online bookmaker, reviewed by us is licensed and regulated by respected gambling authorities.
  • Trust: We want to provide only the most accurate, transparent, and trustworthy reviews to our readers. We have spent thousands of hours researching and testing the sites so that we can provide the most in-depth reviews, giving players all of the information they could possibly need in order to play online and access bonuses.
  • Responsibility: We only recommend casinos that take responsible gambling seriously, and have a good range of safer gambling tools available to help you play within your limits and be informed about your spending. Every site on our list is committed to player protection.

Our Team

BonusFinder is run by a group of gambling experts. Every member of the team has either been a professional gambler, or worked with casinos and sportsbooks.

The growing team behind BonusFinder is still small, but we make up for our size through a passion for the industry. Our knowledge and love for the international iGaming market is second to none.

Through this knowledge and passion, we take care of everything on BonusFinder, from testing and reviewing online casinos, to all the technical website stuff in the background.

What We Do

To put it as simply as possible, BonusFinder is a user-driven and independent casino review portal. There’s a lot that goes on in the background to deliver on our Play With More mission.

As you browse through the site, you’ll notice that each provider comes with an in-depth review. These reviews include information on everything from payment methods and payout times to bonus details, games, and betting markets covered.

In addition to all this must-have information, we also do all the bonus maths so that you know exactly how much to put in so that you can get the most out of each operator's bonus offer.

Why Place Your Trust in Us

Gathering this wealth of information isn’t always easy, and we spend a lot of time researching every provider we review. In order to guarantee that the reviews provided contain information you can trust, we have an in-depth review process for each provider.

There’s a lot that goes into this review process, and we look closely into topics like:

  • Safety & Security of the Operator
  • Customer Service
  • Deposits & Withdrawals
  • Mobile Compatibility
  • Welcome Bonuses & On-Going Offers
  • Loyalty Programs
  • Product Variety (Casino Games Offered)
  • Branding & Site Interface

In order for an operator to meet our standards for each consideration above, we dig deep to find the answers that will give us insight into whether or not an operator deserves our praise.

We also consider what’s important to us as players so that you can have the best experience possible. We spend a lot of time actually playing games at the site so that we can bring you our first-hand experience.

How Is Our Service Offered for Free?

‍On the topic of trust, we also want to be transparent about how we operate. Many of you are probably wondering how we are able to operate a free-to-use site. Simple: We’re able to offer free information thanks to the fees we receive from the providers listed on our site who we are affiliated with.

When an online casino or sportsbook gets traffic that’s directed from BonusFinder, we get a small commission. But that doesn’t mean our reviews are biassed in any way.

In fact, the best way for us to get those commissions is to be upfront and honest about the providers we review so that our readers continue to trust us and use our information in the future.


Since its launch in 2019, BonusFinder has received a hefty dose of industry recognition through the following nominations:

  • Casino Affiliate of the Year – EGR Operator Awards 2019
  • Best Newcomer – iGB Affiliate Awards 2019
  • Affiliate of the Year – EGR North America Awards 2020
  • Marketing Campaign of the Year – EGR Operator Awards 2020
  • Casino Affiliate of the Year – EGR Operator Awards 2020
  • Affiliate of the Year – EGR Operator Awards 2020

In addition to numerous nominations, in 2022 BonusFinder received the award for the Marketing Campaign of the Year at the iGB Affiliate Awards.

As Seen On

Not only has BonusFinder been recognized with numerous awards and nominations, but the site has also been praised through notable media coverage.

You may have already seen Bonusfinder and our team mentioned in various sites and publications, including:

Play With Care

Safety is paramount, and you should never gamble beyond your limits. BonusFinder takes responsible gambling seriously, and you should, too.

The key thing to remember is that gambling is a lot of fun - when done the right way. It’s important that you set your limits financially and mentally. Check in regularly to make sure that gambling isn’t taking away too much from your daily life.

If you are concerned about your gambling there is a wide range of support and help available, and we have written more about the importance of Responsible Gambling

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