Maximizing Your Edge: Online Baccarat Strategies

Baccarat is a simple game – and because of this, many players wrongly assume strategy is irrelevant. This is false – by making a few adjustments, you can minimize the house’s advantage. Scroll below for more details.

Maximizing Your Edge: Online Baccarat Strategies

Baccarat is a simple game. So much so, you might assume you can’t do anything to improve your results. Not true. There are actions that can minimize the house’s edge at Baccarat. If you’re new to the game, we suggest you first read our guide on How to play Online Baccarat.

Follow along below, and we’ll lay them out for you.

Bet On The Banco/Banker

Think about it: why wouldn’t you bet on the Banco/Banker? It makes sense that this wager has a lower house edge – the Banco/Banker has position on the Player, and their drawing rules makes it easier for them to win the hand.

Yet, some argue against Banco/Banker bets, citing the commission charged on winning wagers. This criticism is valid, as some Baccarat games have a higher-than-average commission.

However, even when you factor in a commission of 5% (the rate charged in most Baccarat games), the house edge is still slimmer than the Player’s.

Don’t Play No Commission Baccarat

While the typical Banco/Banker commission is 5%, not every Baccarat title charges this amount. As of 2023, developers have released versions that charge NO banker commissions.

That sounds amazing, right? But there’s a catch – there always is. Yes, you keep ALL your winnings on most Banker wins, but when the Banker wins with a score of 6, you only get 0.5:1 on your money – whomp whomp!

Never Bet On A Tie

For some, betting on even money payouts (1:1) is about as fun as watching paint dry. So, by comparison, wagering on a Tie can be tempting, as it pays winning bets at 8:1.

Please don’t fall for it: wagering on this outcome will quickly break you. For example, in Baccarat, the Tie bet has a house advantage of 14%. So if you wager $1/round, you will lose $14 per 100 hands (on average).

BonusFinder Tip

If your goal is to minimize losses, stay away from Tie bets.

Play At Online Casinos That Offer Baccarat Promotions

Most online casino patrons play slots. As a result, it’s hard to find bonus promotions that cater to table game fans.

However, they are out there. Keep a sharp eye on the promotions section of major online casinos like Wildz Casino, PartyCasino, etc., as these sites are more likely to offer Baccarat promos.

But you’ll usually want to target promotions that reward table game players in general. For example, contests like Pragmatic Play’s Drops & Wins often have table game editions, and many online casinos offer deposit reload bonuses that appeal to table game fans.

Stay Disciplined at the Tables

When your chosen bet goes cold, plunking down chips on Tie becomes a tempting proposition. Or you might entertain the thought of going “all-in” – after all, you’re due.

But giving into these thoughts can be disastrous. Look – eventually, luck turns its back on everyone. Everyone has stretches where they go ice cold.

Cards have no emotions – they fall according to statistics. And in the short term, this can produce lopsided results. Remember the last time you won big? It was the same as your current losing streak, only in reverse.

So when you start getting emotional over Baccarat, take a break. Go outside and get some fresh air, then return to the tables. Or quit for the night – considering the alternative, it’s probably for the best.

Baccarat Systems

Since the dawn of casino gaming, gamers have tried, often in vain, to defeat the house’s edge. But this hasn’t stopped players from trying.

The mathematics behind Baccarat is airtight, especially online. You can’t count cards or edge sort, so the house will always win in the long run.

But if you want to try a few Baccarat systems, we’ve listed some below.

The Martingale System

The Martingale System is the most popular betting system out there. This betting strategy is straightforward – if you lose a round, you double your next bet until you win again. By doing this, you’ll recover your original stake.

However, there are two problems with this approach. First, it only works with games that have no house edge. On a long enough timeline, the house’s mathematical advantage WILL empty your pockets, regardless of betting patterns.

And second, if you hit a bad enough downswing, Martingaling can wipe out your bankroll in a handful of rounds. If you are wagering $5 per round, employing the Martingale System means that by the sixth hand, you’ll be wagering $160.

The 3 2 System

Are you playing on a Baccarat table with “Player Pair” or “Banker Pair” side bets? This system could yield a big payoff in the short term. In this system, you place three chips on the Banker or the Player. Then you put two chips on the Banker or Player Pair side bet.

If the side bet hits (the initial two cards of the Player or Banker is a pair), you win big, as the payout for this wager ranges from 10:1 to 12:1.

The Fibonacci Sequence

This Baccarat system is one of the most complex, but bear with us. It involves placing bets based on the following number sequence: 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, etc. Each number is the sum of the two numbers before it.

Here’s how it works: start by wagering $1 on the banco/banker. If you win, move to the next number in the sequence ($1). Keep going along the chain until you lose. If that happens, go back to the beginning ($1).

However, like other betting systems, the Fibonacci Sequence cannot defeat the house’s edge. So use it with that in mind.

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